Digital Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Hi, I am Brittany and I am the Data Operations Manager at Data Slam LLC. I wanted to provide some information to some of clients and as well as others that have questions concerning certain topics dealing with Digital Marketing and the tools that are used. I will keep it brief, but there is a lot if information to cover. In addition I will not throw technology jargon at you, it is important that you understand what and why I am explaining this to you. So if you have any questions or you would like to ask about our services and designs please contact us.

Dos and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Before I go further into my series of Digital Marketing and the tools that are used within Digital Marketing I wanted to give you some basic pointers on Digital Marketing. If I explain maybe some of these it can better help you when you choose your marketing platforms and who you choose as your digital marketer.

Digital Marketing can be expensive, extremely expensive! No keep reading! Digital Marketing should not be as expensive as it is now! Wait! What? (I know you are asking yourself that.) Keep reading and I will explain how to make it less expensive!

Digital Marketing  

Dos Don’ts
Research the marketing firm you choose to represent you. Ask lots of questions.


Also make sure that when your marketing is being designed it doesn’t look like their other clients. Remember you and your business are unique.

Don’t overpay for services – domain registration, email hosting and website hosting. Major of these companies will use a second party to do this. And they have packages that have free registration, and they pay as low as $3.99 a month for hosting email and website. These packages can also come with unlimited bandwidth and 100 free email accounts.
Ask questions concerning mobile and website design. Make sure that you get a mobile site and not just a web site that is responsive to mobile devices. You need to have a mobile site now because Google is penalizing in search engine results. Don’t over pay for your web site and mobile design sites. These sites should not cost thousands of dollars. Well they could it just depends on how large and how complex a site can be. But for simple sites like providing information like our company site they shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars.
Ask questions about the tools that are going to be used to market your platforms. Such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, and other tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc. Don’t over pay on reports or reporting back to you concerning how your digital marketing platforms are performing. These reports are provided by social media and search engine providers for free. But you understanding them might be a little different since these reports are full with tech jargon and graphs too.
Look into ORM Online Reputation Management Don’t ignore negative comments and reviews. Don’t ignore incorrect or fraudulent information about you or your company on the world wide web.
Make sure that your marketing firm knows what the trends are and what the coming trends will be. Don’t use a firm that will just design for you then launch your services. The consumers and markets have changed drastically in the last 2 years thanks to the rise of mobile devices and their usages. In addition major technology firms are changing their policies and procedures to meet the changes and demands as well.
Do be wary of these firms and companies offering free websites, free design, etc. These sites that look so neat can be complex when you try to design it. They let you pick from cookie cutter templates. Meaning that there could be thousands of other websites that look just like yours. Also they provide stock photos that so many others have also used. But more importantly beware of those monthly costs that sneak up on you as well as that one-time fee they charge at the beginning. By the end of the year you could be paying way too much for a simple cookie cutter website that looks like everyone else. Don’t use stock photos when advertising your business. This can cause customers to become angry because they feel tricked and can play havoc when they start posting negative comments about you in social media sites.
Keep Google happy always Never make Google mad


Digital Marketing can be a hit or miss. And you want it to be a hit. SO PLEASE KEEP READING.

Here is the deal when you are marketing digitally there are all sort of free services out there. Yep free!

One of the most important tools available now in Digital Marketing is Social Media Marketing. Social Media is a useful tool in Digital Marketing; it allows you to share content free and fast.

Another important tool is the SEO Search Engine Optimization; you have to understand that search engines are not just looking for coding, Meta data and keywords. For the past few years these search engines have been evolving to be more users friendly. Instead of typing keywords then hitting the search button the search engines have become more like Siri.

Users are really no longer just typing in keywords, they are asking questions. In addition search engines are now looking for more reliable and prevalent data and content when they are searching the World Wide Web for your results. So remember while you are working on your SEO for your business or campaign think like a user, not like a programmer.

Make sure you also remember to register your website with Google and Bing. After registering them they can provide you information on how your sites are performing. They can also provide many other free services that will help you better understanding your campaign and how it is performing. But I must give you a little warning when dealing with these free tools it can be a technical and somewhat a little confusing.

Also keep in mind depending on what services or products you are marketing you need to focus on the settings of your marketing platforms and what markets you are trying reach. For example if you are a locate store or provide services for locals only you would want to focus your marketing platforms to reach that audience. But if you provide services or products globally then you want your marketing platforms to reach the global market


Marketing Trends 2016

Hi, I am Brittany and I am the Data Operations Manager at Data Slam LLC. I wanted to provide some information to some of clients and as well as others that have questions concerning certain topics dealing with Digital Marketing and the tools that are used. I will keep it brief, but there is a lot if information to cover. In addition I will not throw technology jargon at you, it is important that you understand what and why I am explaining this to you. So if you have any questions or you would like to ask about our services and designs please contact us.

Coming Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

Hello again, I love when a new year rolls in. Why? Cause I get to read about all the new trends and what trended in 2015. But be careful where you get your information from; make sure that your resources are reliable. I can hear my past professors reminding the class.

So what is on the horizon for Digital Marketing Trends for 2016?

Bye Bye JavaScrpit, Mozilla FireFox and Adobe Flash

First off in the fall of 2016 it has been announce that JavaScript will no longer be used, just like Adobe Flash. Okay I need a moment; I am tearing up a little. They will be missed. So how does it affect you? Simple, these Plug-Ins were used for over 10 years to design and support content and coding on websites and programs. You may want to check and see how your sites and other programs are running after they go bye- bye. Another thing we can say bye to is Mozilla FireFox, the current version 3.6 or 3.6.28 is the last version that will be published, meaning that Mozilla will no long update this version, produce any more new versions, or provide any security or stability updates.

Know your target audience

The new statistics are in and they say no one wants to read anymore.  Meaning that the tools in Digital Marketing have become top priority and having someone who knows how to use these tools are a must!

Audiences (meaning users, consumers, clients, customers, etc.) do not want to read lines and lines of text. They want bullet points or to the point information. They want to be dazzled with bold design and graphics, images and responsive elements (widgets and design).

Mobile Marketing Mobile Sites and Apps

Mobile usage and devices have finally surpassed the usage of desktops and other platforms. (No surprise) Did you know that there are more people that own a Smartphone or cellular device than toothbrushes?

People are conducting research and business on their mobile devices. Meaning if your media platforms and designs are not mobile compatible you better get them that way and fast!

More Video Content Coming Soon!

People are no longer reading, they was video! In 2016, be ready for an explosion of video content to flood the markets. People are tuning in more and more for educational –explainer videos as well as entertaining videos. And you can tell because social media markets are providing new platforms for their users, free of cost. From Pinterest to Facebook, and Youtube has offered different platforms commercial and ad free, plus platforms for children. How can this work for you? Depending on your industry or what your are trying to sell, or what information that you are trying to share; this media platform can be easily used and shared throughout your different digital marketing platforms. Oh I forgot do not forget about live streaming video.

Exposure and Budgets –

There are a lot of different tools out there that can be used to boost your audience and revenue. These tools are not as expensive as you think they are. Before hiring any marketing firm make sure you check pricing for their services. Ask questions how much this is going to cost? When you choose the service such as SEO, or PPC, Ad, Banner, Social Media marketing you should not be overcharged for these services. Depending on who that firm chooses to market with you should pay for that charge only. For example if you choose to boost a post in Facebook you should only pay the cost of what Facebook charges that firm. Be careful or you will get overcharged!

In 2016 paying for exposure on social media sites will be important. You have to remember that these social media sites are setup and indexed in every demographic area you can imagine and then some. Meaning you can reach a certain age group, occupation, gender, location or just about any other parameter you can think of. In addition to this you can set how much you want to spend. If you want to spend $5 to $2000 a month it is up to you. These social media sites also can provide you with detailed information on how your advertising is impacting your audience.

Online Shopping –

If you have a market site or you are selling goods on the World Wide Web then in 2016 there will be an increase of something call Social Shopping. This means that the social networks are now moving to platforms to allow Markets and Shopping on their sites.  The “buy now” button is and will be now available on social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Simultaneously Marketing

All businesses (local, small and larger) will need to market throughout many different media platforms. Meaning they should advertise their content on different sites and social media platforms. You can always look into marketing automation, but be aware that marketing automation services and services are expensive and most likely you may be left with design process of the content which you want to market.

SEO and Search Engine Results-

As I mentioned before people do not want to read. When reviewing search engine results people 9 times out 10 will choose the results in page 1 probably out of the first 3 three results on page 1. But the little snippets of information that is coming up within those results are important as well. Again no one wants to read text heavy results. People want images, graphics, videos and to the point information.  Meaning when they review those results and they click on that link they want that information to be right there in front of them. They do not want to scroll down through text and images to find what they are looking for.

Just the Facts: Here are the bullets points of the information, just in case you are like me and just want the facts.

  • Say good bye to JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Mozilla FireFox, they will no longer be supported, update nor renewed. They are all being phased out.
  • Know your audience – know who you are marketing to and who you want to reach.
  • Mobile Marketing is dominating all platforms. Be ready to enter the mobile marketing realm. Remember Mobile Marketing has to be done correctly or you will crash and burn and spend a ton of money/time on a failure.
  • Videos, Videos, Videos – Video content will soon fill all digital media platforms. Social media sites are already gearing up to accommodated these videos. If you do not have any video content you may want to think about creating some now.
  • Exposure and Budgeting – Control your exposure and budget and this can all be done with social media sites and Google Adwords and Yahoo! Bing Advertising. You can now choose how much you want to spend when advertising.
  • Social Media Online Shops – Social media have now setup platforms to host stores on their sites. So now you can use their search engine optimization and reach to sell goods and services.
  • Marketing on multiple platforms at once – be ready to use all media markets available to you. You have to remember social media sites offer many of their services for free. What is hard is the content design, maintenance and layouts are complicated. To market at once on multiple platforms can be done several ways, bad news they all cost money.
  • SEO and Search Engine Results – Once again no one wants to read lines and lines of text. Make sure that your results are to the point, on page 1 of the results and have bold and creative images.

ORM Benefits and Tools

ORM Online Reputation Management or Reputation Management

What is ORM Online Reputation Management or Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information about that business/company/person.

Why is reputation management important?

Every company has or had a disgruntled employee. Or has or had to deal with an unhappy customer.

These people can lash out doing damage to a company.

Individuals, businesses and organizations need to maintain, monitor and possibly improve the online information provided concerning them. They need to ensure that this information found online is authentic and up to date. If the information is fraudulent or negative they need to be able to counterattack this information with more accurate and positive information.

ORM also provides clients from brand misuse and helps businesses track and manage their customer reviews. It can also protect against identity theft.

ORM has become a necessary tool since anyone can say, comment or post anything online about anything or anyone. Currently there are few laws in place to protect the content on the World Wide Web.

Tools used in ORM

There are certain tools along with strategies we use to serve our clients online reputation.

Content Management – we provide content that is rich in text that is copyrighted and not duplicate online.

Search Engine Optimization SEO – this tool is currently the most important tool in improving visibility.  Search engines look for meta tags, frequently searched words or phrases, provide local search results, links and in bound links.

Platforms – We only use safe and secure platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We also use other platforms such as websites, blogs and other forums.

Strategies – since each client are different and have different goals, we work with each one of our clients building different strategies and plans for their own ORM.

We at Data Slam LLC have seen pornographic image or content uploaded and/or posted to accounts. We have also seen damaging and/or negative posts or comments concerning not only the company but some of their employees.

This can do damage to any account; it could be flagged by the service provider and accounts be blocked or deleted.

Or worse other potential clients /customers could see this content and have a negative image of this company /business.

Data Slam LLC reviews client accounts if this type of content is found it is immediately removed and depending on the account the user is reported and blocked. We also research our clients and we can have certain information removed, corrected and managed. What of the negative information is true? Data Slam LLC works with our client to correct that information and how to best manage it.

ORM Online Reputation Management

Hi, I am Brittany and I am the Data Operations Manager at Data Slam LLC. I wanted to provide some information to some of clients and as well as others that have questions concerning certain topics dealing with Digital Marketing and the tools that are used. I will keep it brief, but there is a lot if information to cover. In addition I will not throw technology jargon at you, it is important that you understand what and why I am explaining this to you. So if you have any questions or you would like to ask about our services and designs please contact us.

Understanding ORM – Online Reputation Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a tricky subject; and I will tell you why. The World Wide Web is now considered the Wild West simply because there are not a lot of laws that are in place to govern the information that is posted out there.

Mainly when something that is negative or fraudulent is posted or commented upon; the entity has to contact the governing platform and request to have that content removed, corrected or whatever needs to be done.

Why is Online Reputation Management so important?  I will tell you why.

Negative Comments or Reviews

Ever had a disgruntled employee or unhappy customer and they leave a scathing comment or review? Well ORM views that comment or review and lets the entity know that it is out there. Now what do you do? ORM can do several things depending on what media platform that comment or review was left on.  Several methods can be deployed, one is to remove the comment or review (depending how scathing), another method that is used is adding new content to push that content lower. By adding new content it pushes the old content lower and lower and the search engines will only show the newer content. This is important, no matter what industry you are in you will get a negative review or comment.

Let’s face it we cannot make everyone happy all the time. Research has shown that a business or entity could have thousands of 5 star reviews but if it has any negative reviews those are the reviews that a consumer will review first. What to do? ORM can reply to the negative review if cannot be removed.

 For example – Comment – We went to Bob’s Restaurant the food was disgusting and the service was horrible. 

ORM can respond to comment – We are so sorry that you had a negative experience at our restaurant. It is important at Bob’s that our customers are happy. Please come back and give us another try. Please contact us with your user name and we will provide you a free meal. Thank you in advance for giving us another try.

By doing this even if consumers see those negative comment or reviews they also see that you provide customer service and that as a consumer they are important to you.

Other things that ORM does are monitor the information that is out there publically concerning a business or an entity.  The information that is out there needs to be accurate and up to date.

ORM also provides protection on online branding of an entity or business. And let’s be honest that is important, if you are branded as a family business and someone post something pornographic it nature what can that say to your potential customer or about your brand?  ORM gives you a chance to take control and ownership of your reputation and content.

Just the Facts: Here are the bullets points of the information, just in case you are like me and just want the facts.

  • ORM helps combat against negative and fraudulent information about you on the World Wide Web.
  • ORM protects you and your business’s branding.
  • There are few laws that protect what is posted on the World Wide Web. You need someone in your corner who knows and understands them; also you need someone who knows how to mitigate with the sites to remove those negative or fraudulent information.