Understanding Digital Marketing

Hi, I am Brittany and I am the Data Operations Manager at Data Slam LLC. I wanted to provide some information to some of clients and as well as others that have questions concerning certain topics dealing with Digital Marketing and the tools that are used. I will keep it brief, but there is a lot if information to cover. In addition I will not throw technology jargon at you, it is important that you understand what and why I am explaining this to you. So if you have any questions or you would like to ask about our services and designs please contact us.

Importance of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has been called and is known by many different names. Some of these names are: internet marketing, web marketing and social media marketing the list could go on and on. But digital marketing is all of those combined. Digital Marketing is basically any forms of marketing on a digital platform. Examples of these platforms are: Web, Mobile, Banner, Ads, PPC-Pay Per Click, and Social Media.
Why is Digital Marketing so important? The answer is simple and I will explain why.

Since 2014 Mobile Device usage had started to increase and as of 2016 the statics were in; mobile usage not only dominated the field but in the first time ever it has now surpassed desktop usage. This means that now billions of people are using mobile devices to research and making purchases on their mobile devices. Do people even watch TV commercials or are they fast forwarding thru them or binge watching them on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? Marketing has changed completely thanks to technology and the lack of attention span of those billions of users I mentioned earlier.

Now companies and businesses are competing for those billions of users’ attention; and they have deployed digital media platforms. Simple… right? Nope it is not that simple and I will tell you why. With the fact that each one of these users are using different mobile devices and those devices are not all the same size and do not use the same OS (operating systems).

For example IPhone verses Androids, each mobile device have different screen layouts and they also have different coding; and that is just two examples of the most popular mobile device brands, what about the others like Motorola, Blackberry, or Nokia? Then you have to account for the factor that not all of the users have the current mobile devices on the market.

Digital Marketing can be a total hit and miss, mostly a miss if you do not have the right firm to represent and design for you. I will explain all but you have to keep reading. When designing the sites or ads or whatever platform that you choose it must have the right coding, indexing, and design. But how do you get them in the door, to click that ad, banner, link, etc? First you need to offer bold design and graphics to grab the attention of that user.

That design must be responsive meaning that the design itself must be able to be formatted to respond to the device which is accessing it. In addition to the design it must be coded and indexed for the major search engines to access and display that platform in their results. For more information on this please read SEO Search Engine Optimization.

You also have to take into account that the attention span of that user is about less than 3 minutes. Yep 3 minutes or less! You know you are guilty of that too cause so I am I. They call it now the “micro-minute”. That means you need to have the information that you marketed on that ad, banner, link, ect. ready and available at touch or click of the finger. If not that “micro-minute” has passed and they move on.

So in conclusion there are different strategies that need to in place to have effective Digital Marketing. But most importantly if you choose to deploy Digital Marketing it is important that you have the right firm to do the design and maintenance for you. Because you do not want to pay a fortune for something that does not need to cost so much and really want someone who knows what they are doing. And remember those platforms that you choose to use to market on they can also provide you reports on how they are performing as well what you can do to increase your reach.

Here are some interesting statistics about Digital Marketing –
Higher Conversion Rates – it assists in reaching your targeted market. It also generates leads and could lead to a 24% or more in higher conversion leads.

Money Saving – With the correct firm and strategies Digital Marketing can save money and time. 40% of business owners report considerable saving versus traditional marketing.

Mobile Customers – connects businesses with mobile customers and mobile devices. Mobile marketing now generates 50% of traffic. The rate of mobile customers and mobile devices will only increase.

72% Consumers are connecting brands, goods and services via a Digital Marketing Channels.

80% of customers are using the internet to research and conduct business and purchases.

For more information concerning these statics please see http://www.forbes.com, 7 things everyone should know about Digital Marketing, by Aj Agrawal. Which I believe is one of the best contributors at Forbes, so if you get a chance you should read some of his other articles as well.

Just the Facts: Here are the bullets points of the information, just in case you are like me and just want the facts.

• Digital Marking is one of the most important tools to use when marketing.

• Customers are using mobile devices to research and make purchases on the internet.

• All digital platforms need to be responsive to the different types of mobile devices.

• You have less than 3 minutes to engage people; meaning it is important that your design is bold, responsive and relevant to your audience’s wants.


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