SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Hi, I am Brittany and I am the Data Operations Manager at Data Slam LLC. I wanted to provide some information to some of clients and as well as others that have questions concerning certain topics dealing with Digital Marketing and the tools that are used. I will keep it brief, but there is a lot if information to cover. In addition I will not throw technology jargon at you, it is important that you understand what and why I am explaining this to you. So if you have any questions or you would like to ask about our services and designs please contact us.

Understanding SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a tool used by developers and marketers to increase the visibility of businesses, companies, organizations, and entities on the World Wide Web. There are 2 major search engines that the World Wide Web relies upon and those are Google and Bing.

SEO is very important for several reasons; the most important reason is as an entity you want to be found. Think of SEO and the results as a jumping off point. Within the results entities different digital marketing and platforms are found from web sites social media accounts. If these are missing 9 times out of 10 and entity’s customer review will be found good or bad.

With SEO (if done correctly) the entity’s information that they have marketed will come up first in the search engine results. And let us be honest when you search the World Wide Web do you want to scroll down the results looking for the information that you needed. No you want to choose the link in the top 3 results, well so does everyone else.

SEO brings that search information or that entity’s information on page 1 of those results. This is not a simple task and I will explain why. With billions of people on the World Wide Web using different search engines such as Google, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Bing how do you make sure that your digital marketing platforms will be seen?

We at Data Slam LLC use several tools and methods to make sure that our clients platforms are reaching their targeted audience.

First it is in the design of the digital media platform, such as the links, indexing, coding, Meta data and tagging. Then we employee other tools within Yahoo! Bing, Google and other search engine providers.

Just the Facts: Here are the bullets points of the information, just in case you are like me and just want the facts.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a powerful and important tool when done correctly provides an entity connection with their targeted audience.


  • SEO has to be done correctly and it is done in the index, coding and design of the platform itself; think of it like DNA of human being.


  • There are 2 major search engine which are Google and Yahoo!Bing make them happy.


  • People are using Mobile Devices more than anything and if you do not have a mobile site, Google will penalize you in the search results.


  • It is important to be found on page 1 of the search engine results, as you may have already guessed no one wants to go to page 2 of search results. seo-618434_1920Contact Us

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